Daniel Radcliffe Joins BROOKLYN BRIDGE

Douglas McGrath writing and directing…

‘The Woman in Black’ and ‘Kill Your Darlings’ star Daniel Radcliffe has reportedly signed up to lead writer/director Douglas McGrath’s ‘Brooklyn Bridge.’

The story follows Washington Roebling (Radcliffe), a brilliant but inexperienced engineer who is left to oversee the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge’s when his father dies. Besieged by calamity and doubt, Washington’s obsession to get the job done threatens his health and his family until he discovers an improbable ally in his charming and shrewd wife, Emily.

Nick Quested and Pascal Degove over at Goldcrest Films, together with Jill Samuels, will serve as executive producers, with Christine Vachon of Killer Films producing.

Principal photography is scheduled for August.

In a statement, Degove, managing director of Goldcrest Films, said: “Having Daniel’s involvement is a massive coup for the film, not only is he perfect for the role, but he’s consistently proved himself to be one of the very few actors who is genuinely a massive draw for audiences of all ages.”

“We love Doug’s extraordinary script and working with Daniel is one of the rare treats in the business … this is thrilling for everyone at Killer,” Vachon said.