Cravens remakes sequels

Scream 4, Shocker, Hills 3 & Stairs talk

Rogue and Universal held a
reception following a recent screening of “The Last House on the Left”
during which the press got to mingle with the film’s cast and crew.

Wes Craven was there along
with the team at Midnight Entertainment, his production outfit. And of
course, if you get press in the same room as movie producers there will
talks of upcoming projects.

It was confirmed that remakes of The People Under the Stairs and Shocker are very much alive and well, both with Universal but its unknown which
will be the first on the production slate. It seems The
Hills Have Eyes 3 will be a long way off as it is not a priority right now.

Craven confirmed that talks resume with Dimension Films on Scream 4 but he’s definitely not committed 100%. Original Scream writer Kevin Williamson has an idea and is currently hashing out a script.

Craven maintains the script has to be great if he’s going to come
aboard. And the Weinsteins have to agree on a deal to bring him back.

Right now there is no time
frame. “Kevin can work fast or he can work slow,” Craven says. “When
he’s done we’ll see what he has.”


Craven is currently in
post-production on his horror/thriller 25/8, about a serial killer who
returns to his hometown to stalk seven children who share the same
birthday as the date he was allegedly put to rest.