Craig Brewer Set To Adapt Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan

Director planning a trilogy based on the vine-swinging jungle hero.

Deadline reports that director Craig Brewer (‘Footloose,’ ‘Hustle and Flow’) has been tapped by Warner Bros. to write and direct a new adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic character ‘Tarzan,’ with plans to tell the story over three movies. The project issomething of a passion project for the director and he hopes the first one will be his next directing gig.

Brewer’s adaptation is one of many ‘Tarzan’ projects on the boil. Scribe Adam Cozad is working on a script that tells a different version of the man raised by apes in the jungles of Africa from infancy, that project is also set up at Warner Bros. With the character’s 100th anniversary coming up in 2012, the studio is keen to get a live-action movie into production.

Constantin Films is also working away on a ‘Tarzan’ movie. The German film production and film distribution company is planning an animated 3D movie which centers Edgar Rice Burroughs’vine-swinging jungle hero.