Cooper Replacing Wahlberg on THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK

Robert De Niro may also join cast.

Bradley Cooper is in talks to replace Mark Wahlberg as lead on David O. Russell’s ‘The Silver Linings Playbook,’ according to Deadline. Wahlberg departed the movie due to a scheduling conflict with another movie, Allen Hughes’ noir drama ‘Broken City.’

Based on Matthew Quick’s 2008 story the movie centers on a former high school history teacher who was institutionalized for depression and then released into the care of his mother. Believing that he’s only been away for a few months instead of the four years he just spent in a mental institution, the teacher sets about wooing back his ex-wife but he ends up becoming involved with an eccentric neighbour (Jennifer Lawrence) with problems of her own.

Reports suggest that it was Lawrence’s shooting schedule on ‘The Hunger Games’ that pushed back production for ‘The Silver Linings Playbook,’ which in turn caused the scheduling conflict for Wahlberg.

Robert De Niro, Cooper’s ‘Limitless’ co-star, is also reported to be in negotiations to join the cast the cast, but there are no details as to what role he may play.