Comic Series Bone Bought Up

Studio buy rights to long-running comic series ‘Bone’

It seems the rights of the long-running comic book series ‘Bone’ have been snapped up. Named by TIME as one of the top ten graphic novels of all time, Bone is the story of a trio of cousins from Boneville who are run out of their hometown. Separated and hunted, they take refuge with a human girl, Thorn, and her grandmother in a mysterious valley. But the valley is threatened by the evil Lord of the Locusts and his minions.


This is the second attempt at putting Bone on screen, the first effort by Nickelodeon failing in the ‘90s due to ‘creative differences’ (Nickelodeon planned to develop the show as an animated movie designed purely for kids against Smith’s wishes). No information has yet been released as to the  exact plot or design of the film (will it be animated or live?). It remains unclear if Smith will have creative control over the project.