Cloverfield tops the Irish Box Office

This weekend’s top 10 for cinema-goers.

It’s been a good week for J.J Abrams with the return of the highly anticipated ‘Lost’ and with his latest project, ‘Cloverfield’, opening at No. 1 in the Irish Weekend box office charts. The Coen brother’s newest film, ‘No Country for Old Men’, remains high in the charts (and deservedly so) at number two earning €149,000 over the weekend.

Rom Com ‘Over Her Dead Body’, despite poor reviews, comes in at number three; perhaps it’s the die-hard Eva Longoria/Desperate Housewives’ fans… At number four, grossing €139,000 in its opening weekend, it’s the pig-nosed Christina Richie aka ‘Penelope’ and an all-singing, all-dancing murderous Johnny Deep as Sweeny Todd earned €128,000, placing it at number five.


Further down the charts, we see Alvin and the Chipmunks pulling in €120,000 at number six. Representing Irish Cinema, at number seven, it’s Bertie’s own Cecilia Ahern with ‘P.S I Love You’. Next week’s tip-for-the-top, ‘Juno’, previewed with a respectable €53,000 starring Oscar nominee Ellen Page. At number nine, a favourite among kids, is ‘Bee Movie’ bringing in €50,000 and finally, continuing to enchant cinema-goers, even a month after its release, it’s ‘Enchanted’ with an impressive €48,000.