Cloverfield The Sequel

“The Boys Are Back” is the true story of a man who must suddenly raise his two sons alone after the untimely passing of his second wife. The ill-prepared Joe, who is dealing with his own loss, is confronted with the daily challenges of parenthood while coping with his young son Artie’s expressions of grief. They soon are joined by Harry, Joe’s teenage son from his first marriage, who brings his own personal “baggage” into the mix. Without a roadmap for how to move forward, the three boys decide its best to leave the conventional rules and responsibilities of the grown-up world behind and lead a life based on the mantra ‘just say yes.’ When things go terribly awry, Joe is forced to step up and behave like a parent, but must figure out how to do so without completely abandoning the joy and exuberance shared in their more child-like world.

Just days before its Irish nationwide release, Paramount have entered talks for a sequel to the highly anticipated sci-fi/horror Cloverfield. Like ‘The Blair Witch Project’ and ‘Snakes on a Plane’ before it (though  hopefully more credible than the latter), Cloverfield’s initial success was based on a series of  internet campaigns by Producer J.J Abrams (Lost)  that  can be traced back to the Summer of ’07.  Paramount is currently talking to the original team involved in the project including director Matt Reeves and producers JJ Abrams and Bryan Burk. Both producers have hinted at the possibility of fleshing out the back-story to the original film or telling the story from another perspective

Cloverfield itself is at cinemas nationwide now!


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