Clash Of The Titans First look at the remake of the 1981 movie

Is Sam Worthington everywhere these days? He pops up here to talk about the Titans remake

A video feature giving first looks at the Clash Of The Titans remake has popped up on Youtube.

Clash Of The Titans tells the myth of Perseus and his quest to battle
both Medusa and the Kraken monster in order to save the Princess

Laurence Olivier starred in the 1981 original which featured some revolutionary stop motion animation for its time. Now Liam Neeson, Sam Worthington, Gemma Arterton, Ralph Fiennes and that lad from Skins attempt to recreate that Greek God magic once more. 

In the below video Worthington (who suddenly appears to be in every blockbuster) gives us a first look at the set and introduces us to some of the supporting cast.


Clash Of The Titans is at Irish cinemas in 2010.