Christopher McQuarrie Takes ICE STATION ZEBRA Remake

Remake of the cold-war thriller in development.

Oscar-winning filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie (‘Jack Reacher,’ ‘Way of the Gun,’ ‘The Usual Suspects’) has been tapped to write and direct a remake of ‘Ice Station Zebra,’ the 1968 cold-war era suspense and espionage thriller that starred Rock Hudson, Ernest Borgnine, Patrick McGoohan and Jim Brown.

Based on the novel by Alistair McLean, the John Sturges-directed original centres on the crew of an American nuclear sub as they race the “Russians to retrieve sensitive photographic material in the Arctic.”

The folk over at Heat Vision, who broke the news on the remake, think that the deal may affect McQuarrie’s involvement with ‘Mission: Impossible 5,’ on which he is rumoured to be reuniting with frequent collaborator Tom Cruise. Although, with neither film having a set start date, we can’t help but wonder if Cruise will take a role in McQuarrie’s ‘Ice Station Zebra.’