Children of the Corn return

Bob Weinstein confirms Children of the Corn movie

Bob Weinstein of The Weinstein Company has revealed that a “Children of the Corn” remake will soon be heading to the big screen.

According to Weinstein, Ehren Kruger (The Skeleton Key, The Ring) has already been hired to adapt the Stephen King short story:

“We felt the 1984 film was a missed opportunity,” said Weinstein. “If you read the short story, it’s got such a strong feeling to it and there’s this religious overtone to it as well. Ehren wants to hit it hard. It’s popular in Hollywood to say you re-envisioning a project but a lot of the time they’re just carbon copying the original. We are bringing something new to the story.”

King’s “Children of the Corn” tells the story of a boy preacher who persuades the children in a Nebraska town to kill all the adults.