Cast Update W

Over the weekend, the cast for Oliver Stone’s ‘W’, the story of the formative years and early experiences in office of one George W. Bush, expanded with Ioan Gruffudd and Thandie Newton signing on to the presidential biopic.

Newton will play Condoleeza Rice, Bush’s National Security Adviser turned Secretary of State, who will no doubt plays a key role in certain early Iraq-related scenes, while Gruffudd will play Tony Blair, a firm Bush ally in the Iraq War.

The role of  Bush will be played by Josh Brolin of the Oscar-winning film ‘No Country for Old Men’. Elizabeth Banks of Spider-Man and The 40-Year-Old Virgin is expected to play the first lady.

Stone is thought to want to get the film into cinemas before the November presidential election and  before Bush quits the White House on January 20.

DISCUSS: With certain roles still to be cast who should play the likes of Cheney, Rove, and Rumsfeld in Stone’s ‘W’?