Captain America Updates

Kevin Feige talks Captain America: The First Avenger


Marvel Studios has revealed details of its upcoming film project Captain America: The First Avenger.

Speaking at last week’s Comic-Con International, Kevin Feige confirmed that the movie will be an origin story for Steve Rogers, taking place during the Second World War.

“This movie is Steve Rogers’s origin story, and I think it is our burden to make Steve Rogers as appealing as any of our other characters… he’s not just the perfect boy scout who follows order every time. He has ideals he wants to live up to,” he explained.

“Setting it in World War II – the Marvel version of World War II – I think is gonna open it up in another big way… What’s funny is it will actually end up being, I think, our most diverse and our most international film, in terms of the content of the movies itself,” he added.

Feige also discussed potential villains for the film, confirming that the Red Skull and terrorist organisation Hydra are currently being considered as the film’s antagonists.