Bryan Cranston Set To Join ROCK OF AGES

Latest addition to Shankman’s adaptation.

‘Breaking Bad’ star Bryan Cranston is in talk to play the mayor of Los Angeles in Adam Shankman’s adaptation of the Broadway hit ‘Rock of Ages.’ The mayor along with his wife, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, want to ban rock and roll and introduce “clean living” into the Sunset Strip. The roles were created specifically for the movie.

“Bryan Cranston is one of my favorite actors alive, and I cannot believe that I have the great fortune to be working with him on this project,” Shankman told Variety.

Cranston has been busy lately, with roles in Nicolas Winding Refn’s ‘Drive,’ Tom Hanks’ ‘Larry Crowne’ and he just wrapped up on ‘John Carter of Mars.’ The actor recently landed the role of Vilos Cohaagen in Len Wiseman’s forthcoming remake of ‘Total Recall.’ He will also be lending his voice to the upcoming animation ‘Batman: Year One,’ Cranston will provide the voice of James Gordon.

‘Rock of Ages’ kicks off production May 19th.