Brittany Snow and William H. Macy May DIAL-A-PRAYER

Pair to lead the indie drama…

Brittany Snow (‘Pitch Perfect,’ ‘Would You Rather’) and William H. Macy (‘The Sessions,’ ‘Shameless’) are in talks to star in filmmaker Maggie Kiley’s upcoming indie drama ‘Dial-a-Prayer.’

Penned by Kiely, ‘Dial-A-Prayer’ is the story of Cora McCarthy (Snow), a young woman “who has lost faith in her family, her work, the world at large and perhaps most importantly herself. Her hours logged at a call centre for prayers amidst a slew of self-appointed healers is juxtaposed by her sterile home life with her shiny and structured mother. She soon finds herself at the centre of a moral controversy when a stranger (Macy) arrives intent on meeting his angel – Cora.”

Storyboard Entertainment’s Jason Potash, who produced Kiely’s feature debut ‘Brightest Star,’ will produce.