Bourne 4 needs YOU

Matt Damon calls for fans to write Bourne 4

Matt Damon is asking fans of the Jason Bourne franchise to pen the script for the fourth film.

While promoting his upcoming “The Informant” film, Matt Damon sat down with Empire magazine to talk about the fourth Jason Bourne movie.

He said that he is feeling the pressure from the studio to return for “Bourne 4,” but unless a good script is in place, Damon and director Paul Greengrass will continue delaying production. “Even if we made a horrible movie, it would make money, and they know that,” said Damon of the studio. “There’s a huge amount of pressure.”

He continued: “Paul said to me, ‘People stop me on the street all the time and say, ‘Hey, are you gonna do another one of those movie? I really like those movies.’ When the audience is saying that, that means something. We want to go, ‘Yeah, we love that character too.’ So we wanna make another one. But we want to make it right.”

For now, Damon is saying the fourth installment could be made, but “if we can figure out a good story.” And since no script is currently in place, the actor has the following proposition: “If you have a good fourth ‘Bourne’ story, call Universal and they’ll give you a bunch of money!”