Blood Debuts At No 1

Stevie endures a job he despises, and he can’t get a girlfriend, but at least he has music. With his mate Neil, he’s been kicking about in bands for a while, but it is not until the pair team up with Billy Dixon, a more experienced hand with drive and ambition, and Billy’s cute pal Emily that the possibility they might be on to something good suggests itself. With a demo to tout, Stevie beats a well-trodden path to record company doors, but finds he has to manage the tensions developing within the band while keeping his own aspirations in check.

Following its phenomenal box office results  this weekend, and due to popular demand, Oscar winning film ‘There Will Be Blood’ release has been expanded and will open in the following cinemas from Friday 7th March: IMC Athlone, IMC Dundalk, Storm Cinemas Naas, Century Cinema Letterkenny and the Gaiety Cinema Arklow. ‘There Will Be Blood’ opened in Irish cinemas on Friday (29th Feb) taking €206,516 (in 22 sites) over it’s opening weekend – making it the No. 1 film at the Irish Box office, with an amazing screen average of €10,056 in the Ireland.

‘There will be Blood’ is P.T Anderson’s latest film; a partial adaptation of the Oliver Sinclair’s novel Oil! (and by the director’s own admission a nod to the classic ‘The Treasure of  the Sierra Madre’) it is the story of the rise of a Texas prospector Daniel Plainview from his early days seeking oil  to Citizen Kane-like status. Set in turn of the 20th century America, the film deals with money, fate, power and greed

As well as the myriad International awards the film has won (including BAFTAs, Oscars and Golden Gobles, Daniel Day-Lewis was awarded a Volta award, for his significant contribution to the world of film at the 2008 Jameson Dublin International film festival.  Day-Lewis was visibly moved when he was presented with the Volta award from Arthur Lappin (Board member of DIFF) and responded saying “This is a really very beautiful thing and I’m so touched that you’ve given me this…Ireland as a country has given me more than I would wish to even try to express…and Dublin as a city, …I think of the mighty Brown clan, of Christy, I think of Jim Sheridan, but from those two families came an experience that really utterly changed my life ….my life as I know it today, really began on the streets of Dublin….I’m eternally grateful for the great wealth of experience that I’ve had thanks to this city, the people of this city and to this country, thank you”

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