Before Sunset sequel

Ethan Hawke talks Before Sunset sequel

Ethan Hawke has revealed that a follow-up to the indie pic Before Sunset could be in the works.


While discussing his latest vampire flick Daybreaker, Hawke added:


“There’s kind of a parallel universe in all three of our minds that all of us are working on. Co-writing it is so incredibly difficult and it happens so easily with the three of us. We have such a fun time. The success of the second film has made it difficult for us to see our way around how to do it. The first time, nobody had any expectation. When it first came out that Before Sunset was going to be released, I remember reading an article that said, ‘Well, they must believe in themselves.’ Now, every time I go out to dinner with friends, it’s all, ‘I’ve got an idea. What if it opens and she’s having a baby…’ So it’d be very difficult for us to exactly know how to do it.


“My bet is that we need to follow exactly the formula, which is to let it happen organically – that at some point, we’ll really have something to say. There’s other scripts. We had a version of that movie that happened two years later, but once it takes us five years and we can’t get the money to make that movie, we have to rethink it. Elements, lines, from that script stayed. When we first finished Before Sunset, Julia and I wanted to do a short film the next year – a five-minute short, put it in the vault, and 15 years later make another film. Time is such a big part of that movie – how it effects people, how they change. But my thought is that we’ll make a sequel when everybody’s forgotten about it. It’ll take Rick to see it in a window that makes him want to revisit these people, and then he’ll lasso Julie and I into talking about what happened to us.”