Bad Boys 3 in production

Just when you were about to forgive Will Smith for ‘Seven Pounds’, comes Bad Boys 3

Columbia Pictures has put a 3rd installment of the Will Smith cop movie ‘Bad Boys’ into development.
According to reports Peter Craig is already working on a screenplay.


Neither producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Michael Bay or stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have signed onto the project, and lets be honest, their fees would not be cheap but all parties have previously expressed a desire to return to the franchise if a good script can be found. (Bad scripts haven’t stopped Bruckheimer in the past).

The first Bad Boys movie was released in 1995, launching Will Smith as an action star and Michael Bay as a major director, it exceeded all expectations making $141 million worldwide, the 2003 sequel went on to make $273 million worldwide.

Scriptwriter Peter Craig is also writing the new Keanue Reeves anime movie ‘Cowboy Bebop’ and Ben Affleck’s latest directing project ‘The Town’.