Arrested Development to get very small release in 2010

Jason Bateman reveals details of the Arrested Development movie

Arrested Development is one of the finest TV shows ever made and is a big favourite here at towers. Sadly it never found a mass audience due to late night time slots and poor promotion and was taken off the air after its third season. There has been talk of a movie ever since the show went off air, as many believe the program finished prematurely and theres still life in the Bluth family yet.

Jason Bateman, (alongside Michael Cera and Will Arnett) is one of the breakout stars from the show, he’s recently been seen in Juno, Hancock and State Of Play. Currently he’s promoting Extract, the new movie from Beavis & Butthead creator Mike Judge.

This week, Jason revealed some details on the Arrested Development movie for the first time,
“It will be a small film”, says Bateman, “It will be simple. We’ll shoot it in probably six weeks. It will get a little release. It is not being done at big Fox, it is being done at Fox Searchlight. It’s going to be a small effort.”

It’s odd that Fox still don’t see the potential in the project, which has gained cult status thanks to DVD and downloads. If it captures the magic of the original show then they’re onto a surefire hit. Bateman is slightly optimistic that the movie will at least break even “We hope that there is enough people out there who would want to see it that Fox Searchlight could get its money back from financing it.”

There is still no word if Michael Cera (George Michael Bluth) will appear in the AD movie, initial reports said that he was worried it could damage his growing career. Bateman didn’t give any ideas of plot but did reveal the script writing is well underway “Mitchell Hurwitz is halfway through writing the script now, and once he’s done and if he’s happy with it, we’ll start to schedule it and then shoot it.”

Arrested Development – The Movie is scheduled for release in 2010.