Anne Hathaway Joining Christopher Nolan

Actress reuniting with Nolan for sci-fi project.

Oscar-winning ‘Les Misérables’ actress Anne Hathaway is reportedly close to finalizing a deal to star alongside Matthew McConaughey (‘Killer Joe,’ ‘Magic Mike’) in Christopher Nolan’s next project, the sci-fi thriller ‘Interstellar.’

Like all Nolan projects, official details are being kept under wraps, but the film is rumoured to involve time travel and alternate dimensions, with a plot that focuses on “a heroic interstellar voyage to the farthest borders of our scientific understanding.”

Originally in development with Steven Spielberg at the helm, the project was penned by Nolan’s brother and long-time collaborator Jonathan Nolan and is based on a scientific theory by astrophysicist Kip S. Thorne.

‘Interstellar’ is expected to shoot the project this year with release set for November 2014.