Adaptation of Patrick Lee

Hollywood planning adaptation of 2009 thriller novel.

‘Transformers’ producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura is teaming with screenwriter David Goyer to produce a feature adaptation of Patrick Lee’s doomsday-thriller novel ‘The Breach.’

Published in 2009, the book centres on Travis Chase, an ex-con/ex-cop who is putting his life back together after fifteen years in prison. Wanting nothing more than quiet time for introspection, Travis takes a solo hike into the Alaskan Rockies, but what he finds is trouble: “a 747, downed in remote wilderness, the wreck impossibly undiscovered by authorities. Those aboard are dead, though not because of the crash. They’ve been shot.

This aircraft, along with the terrifying object it was transporting, is only the beginning for Travis. Within hours he finds himself at the center of a violent conflict that spans the globe, and a secret war that dates back three decades. A war for possession of radically advanced technology—that wasn’t created by human hands.”

Justin Rhodes (‘Grassroots,’ ‘Contract Killers’) is attached to pen the screenplay which, according to Variety, will diverge from the novel. The trade adds that while Goyer is not currently attached to helm, it is possible he may end up taking the director’s chair.