Adam Paul rereleased on DVD in special edition

If you haven’t got Adam & Paul on your DVD shelf, then now is your chance…

Element Pictures today announced the re-release of classic Irish movie ‘Adam & Paul’. The DVD will hit shops on December 4th.

Since its release in 2004, Adam & Paul, a funny, downbeat, bleak and beautiful comedy, has achieved cult status among its devoted fans. Featuring brilliant performances in the lead roles, the film follows two hapless Dublin drug buddies through a single day, which, like every other, is entirely devoted to the business of scrounging and robbing money for drugs. The difference today is that Adam and Paul, already at rock bottom, have finally run out of luck, credit and friends.

This Special Edition DVD includes deleted scenes, director and writer’s commentary, rushes and the original shooting script.

The DBD is dedicated to the memory of the late, great, terribly missed Tom Jordan Murphy (1968 – 2007) and it stands as a testament to his awesome talent.