Actor Andrew Koenig found dead

The body of Growing Pain’s star Andrew Koening was found in Stanley Park

body found in Stanley Park, Vancouver is believed to be that of actor
Andrew Koening, who went missing earlier this month. Koenig was 42.

Andrew Koenig, born Joshua
Andrew Koening, was best known for his role as Richard ‘Boner’ Stabone
in cult 80s TV show, Growing Pains. After Growing Pains, Koenig went on
to appear in 21 Jump Street and GI Joe: A Real American Hero. As well
as this, Koenig also worked as an editor and directed three short

Koenig’s father is actor
Walter Koening, best known for his role as Pavel Chekov in Star Trek:
The Original Series and Babylon 5 actress Judy Levitt. The family flew
to Vancouver earlier this month to appeal for information on Andrew’s
whereabouts after he had missed a scheduled flight to the US on
February 16th and, according to his parents, had left evidence that he
was depressed.

Tonight, Vancouver police
have found a body in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, a favourite place of
Koenig’s. Although the body has not yet been identified, police believe
it to be that of Koenig.

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