A Trainspotting Sequel

Robert Carlyle hints at Trainspotting sequel “Porno”.

Robert Carlyle has suggested that Danny Boyle is “edging closer” to making the sequel to Trainspotting.

Writer Irvine Welsh wrote a sequel to Trainspotting in 2002 titled Porno, which included the same characters ten years in the future.

“For me personally, I would jump through hoops of fire backwards for Danny Boyle. I would do Porno tomorrow for nothing,” he told the BBC.

” My character[Begbie] was probably the only character I would ever want to revisit because I do believe that there’s an awful lot more mileage there.

“I think there is lots more entertainment to be had from that group of people so I would be up for it, and I know Danny seems to be edging more towards it. After his success at the Oscars, he should be able to pretty much do as he wants.”

Boyle said in 2008 that he would consider the project once the central original cast – Carlyle, McGregor, Ewen Bremner and Jonny Lee Miller – began to look older.