A 3D Hairspray Sequel

Director Adam Shankman talks 3-D Hairspray 2

Adam Shankman has reaveled that he is considering making a three-dimensional follow-up to the 2007 musical Hairspray.

The director who helmed the 2007 remake was out promoting his new movie “17 Again” when he told Collider.com: “Yeah, that would be cool in 3D because it has a pop-sensibility.

“3D should be regulated to things with a pop-sensibility because that’s the experience you want from those kinds of films,” he said. “Anything you want really want to think about, you don’t want to see in 3D. You are always struck by the visual elements.”

The film is set for a tentative release date of Summer 2010, though it remains firmly in the planning stages:

“There are some really funny ideas, we don’t have a writer for it yet,” Shankman said. “John Waters wrote a treatment that was so insane. That was really a sequel to his version of the movie.”

Shankman’s latest body-swap film “17 Again” is in Irish cinemas now.