500 Days Of Summer The Mix Tape

Send a mix tape to your loved ones – its cheaper and less fatty than chocolate

Remember spending hours making a mix tape on a C90 cassette to send to a special someone? It became a rite of passage for music lovers across the world left defunct by the growth of CDs and digital music, until now.

To tie in with the release of ‘500 Days Of Summer’, Fox have made virtual mix tapes available online.
Visitors to www.500daysofsummermixtape.co.uk can put together their perfect mix tape; choose their tracks, design and decorate the sleeve and label; and then send it to one person or all their friends through social networking sites.

Dougal Strachan, Director of Digital Marketing at Twentieth Century Fox International commented: “In the film Tom and Summer kick start their 500 days together after a shared love for The Smiths and music becomes a prominent theme throughout the film so we wanted to offer a way for music lovers to engage with the film and its great soundtrack online”.

Here at Movies.ie, We were amazed by the amount of music on offer, even obscure bands from our childhood showed up, they even had the Mr Blobby song on there (yes, we did search for it)

Lazy mix tape fans can just copy the soundtrack from the movie onto their mix tape, and get an instant groovy mix. The site might be slow, but stick with it, its worth it.

500 Days Of Summer is at Irish cinemas from September 4th