50 movies to watch out for in 2015

We single out some of the most promising films to come in 2015…

Happy New Year movie lovers! We predict a lot of movie watching in your future, 2015 is one of the strongest slates in a long time. If we had space this would have been a much bigger list, to say we’re excited about the year ahead is an under-statement! We’ve picked out some of the highlights to watch out for, don’t forget to visit Movies.ie for the full list of movies opening in Irish cinemas every week. Dates are subject to change. 

SHAUN THE SHEEP – February 6th

Those early Shaun The Sheep episodes stand alongside some of the finest silent comedies, and Aardman’s decision to let this little scamp follow Wallace and his faithful mutt to the big screen was perhaps inevitable. Fingers crossed it’s more WERE-RABBIT than CHICKEN RUN…

PATRICK’S DAY – February 6th
The shy and retiring Terry McMahon follows up the controversial CHARLIE CASANOVA with this black comedy that’s already been picking up quite a few gongs on the festival circuit. Could be Tarantino or it could be Avary, but the signs are good.

SELMA – February 6th
Martin Luther King (David Oyelowo) sparks a gear-change in America with the march on Selma, Alabama in Ava DuVernay’s Oscar favourite.

The Wachowski’s return with their first original science fiction screenplay since THE MATRIX trilogy, we’re equally excited and equally nervous.

THE WEDDING RINGER – February 20th

R-Rated comedy starring Kevin Hart, FROZEN’s Josh Gad plays the loser who has to employ a best man to create the wild bunch of friends his wife-to-be is just dying to meet. Co-writer and director Jeremy Garelick worked on THE BREAK UP, so, could be smarter than your average manchild comedy.

BLACKHAT – February 20th
In Michael Mann’s new thriller, Chris Hemsworth stars as Nicholas Hathaway, a criminal released from prison to help crack a cyber crime case.

A sequel to the rather fine MONSTERS, it’s ten years later, and the infected zone has grown. Along with the budget, of course. Dubliner Sam Keeley shares leading man duties…

IT FOLLOWS – February 27th
It’s teen horror time, with Linda Boston is plagued by strange visions after a, yep, seemingly innocent sexual encounter. (We’ve all been there, It’s called Temple Bar).

CHAPPIE – March 6th

Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver lead this curiousity, about a strange little kidnapped orphan who ends up in a dysfunctional family. The twist being that Chappie is not only a super-gifted prodigy but also, hey, a robot.


Ron Howard directs this MOBY DICK-meets-JAWS true-life 1820 event, with Chris Hemsworth being joined by Irish heavyweights Cillian Murphy and Brendan Gleeson.

SONG OF THE SEA – March 13th
The second big-screen offering from Irish animator studio Cartoon Saloon, after their Oscar-nominated THE SECRET OF KELLS is another slice of Celtic mythology served up in some quirky, original animation. As with KELLS, this is admirable, and sometimes beautiful. It’s currently wowing critics around the world and is a sure fire bet for an Oscar nomination.

TOP FIVE – March 20th
Chris Rock stars, writes and directs, taking on reality TV. Rock plays Andre, a comedian trying to carve out a career as a serious actor, when his reality-show fiancée insists their wedding be filmed for her show.

THE GUNMAN – March 20th
Sean Penn is joined by Javier Bardem and The Man Who Would Be Bond, Idris Elba, in this fugitive-spy tale based on Jean-Patrick Manchette’s novel. Be good to see Penn in a unpretentiousness slice of cinema entertainment. Been a while.


The anarchic animated anti-hero returns to the big screen in this live-action/cartoon mash-up.

Noah Baumbach directs, whilst Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts are the staid middle-aged couple who get a reality jolt by an exciting young couple (Amanda Seyfried and Adam Driver).

FAST & FURIOUS 7 – April 2015
One of the biggest movie franchises of modern times, you won’t see a bigger spectacle on a cinema screen this summer.

JOHN WICK – April 10th
Keanu Reeves is John Wick, a former hitman who puts himself back in danger to take down the gangsters who ruined his life. The film reunites Reeves with many of his co-stars from THE MATRIX, and promises to be bloody mayhem.

CHILD 44 – April 17th
Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace star in this Stalin-era Soviet Union drama as a disgraced MGB agent investigates a series of child murders. Daniel Espinosa (SAFE HOUSE) directs.


The gang’s all back in Joss Whedon’s second Marvel movie – Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Black Widow, Thor and Hawkeye are joined by super twins Qucksilver and Scarlet Witch.

35 years after the first instalment, MAD MAX returns with FURY ROAD. Tom Hardy takes over the role made famous by Mad Mel, with original writer/director George Miller behind the camera. Yowsa.

PITCH PERFECT 2 – May 15th
The first movie was the surprise smash hit movie of 2013 and with Elizabeth Banks behind the camera, this one has a very good chance of being super-hilarious.


The mighty Brad Bird (THE INCREDIBLES, THE IRON GIANT, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4s) directs and co-writes this sci-fi adventure flick led by George Clooney. And that’s about all he’s telling us, for now.

SAN ANDREAS – May 29th
Where would the summer season be without a disaster thriller? SAN ANDREAS focuses on the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in California, and a helicopter pilot who must race against time to save his daughter.

BROOKLYN – Summer 2015
John Crowley, the Irish director behind modern classic INTERMISSION is back with this Nick Hornby penned tale. Saoirse Ronan and Domhnall Gleeson lead this 1950s-set love triangle story, as a woman tries to decide between her loves in New York and Ireland.