30 Days of Night sequel

Rhys Coiro to lead a “30 Days of Night” sequel

Entourage star Rhys Coiro will lead the cast of the “30 Days of Night” sequel.

Picking up after the events of the David Slade-directed pic, the direct-to-video sequel “30 Days of Night : Dark Days” sees Stella, who after nearly a year of struggling to expose the truth, decides to join a group of rogue vampire hunters to seek revenge on Lilith, the powerful vampire responsible for the attack on her Alaskan town.

Mia Kirshner (“The Crow : City of Angels”) plays the lead vampire villain “Lilith”. Harold Perrineau (“Lost”), Kiele Sanchez (‘’A Perfect Getaway”), Diora Baird (‘’ Texas Chiansaw Massacre: The Beginning”) and stunt-woman Monique Ganderton will also star in the Ben Ketai directed feature.