2011 Oscar Predictions from Irish CinemaGoers

The people of Ireland have used their psychic skills to predict this years Academy Awards

Over the past few weeks Irish cinema goers have been busy watching the finalists for the 2011 Academy Awards. Here at Movies.ie we’ve been polling in the major categories, Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. 
Below are the final predictions, lets see if the jurys agree with us tomorrow.

The majority of you predict THE KINGS SPEECH will win best picture, with 24.11% of you predicting THE SOCIAL NETWORK, BLACK SWAN is the third prediction with 14.89% of predictions.

In the director category David Fincher is a clear winner with 44.17% of votes, Darren Aronofsky follows in second place with 26.67% of you predicting him for Oscar glory.

This one wasn’t even close, 65.29% of you will be keeping your fingers crossed for Colin Firth tonight. Javier Bardem is least popular with just 6.61% of you predicting a win for him, We couldn’t sway your opinions even after we arranged a free screening of Biutiful for you.

Woah, this one isn’t even close, If Natalie Portman doesn’t win best actress a lot of you are going to go crazy – ballet style. 
Interestingly, Jennifer Lawrence is polling second for her performance in WINTER’S BONE, helped perhaps by the free screening we organised before the movie’s release.

Check Movies.ie tomorrow for a full list of winners  – May the best movie win!