Wolverine Recast

As the youngest of the Paper Chaserz, 14-year-old Junior strives for the authority of his older brother Rager and the respect the of rest of their gang. Food has become the ultimate commodity, and rival gangs engage in constant battles in search of their next meal, regardless of age or gender. When a conflict with a rival gang changes their lives forever, he must decide whether to stay true to his principles or drag them all into a quest for revenge that could get them all killed.

Well not Wolverine per se but the actor due to play young Logan has had to
bow out of the X-Men spin off.


Young Aussie  Kodi Smit-McPhee (‘Romulus, My Father”‘) won the role of a
young Logan in 20th Century Fox’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine late last year. Now
it seems because of changes to shooting dates, the actor  has had to drop out in
order to work on film version of Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’ with Viggo
Mortensen and Charlize Theron.


According to AICN, 13-year-old Perth resident Troye Mellet has landed the
part of the young Logan. The news follows on from a busy week of cast
for X-Men Origins, more of which you can read about HERE.