Watchmens Black Freighter Release Plan

Watchmen’s ‘Tales of the Black Freighter’ Getting DVD Release Just 4 Days After Film

Watchmen fans rejoice! It has been revealed that director Zack Snyder is planning to release the animated Tales of the Black Freighter, the separate tale that forms part of the Watchmen opus, on DVD only four days after the film hits cinemas.

While the main story concerns a bunch of aging ex-superheroes investigating the death of one of their own, the Black Freighter story appears in the background: a bit-part character reads comics telling the story of a man trying to save his town from marauding pirates, and these comics are reprinted amidst the main Watchmen thread.

The fully animated Tales of the Black Freighter will be released on DVD on May 10 2009, just after the live-action Watchmen’s release on May 6. Snyder expects three DVD releases for the Watchmen brand, therefore: this first Freighter release, the main movie some four months later, and an “ultimate” edition with the two spliced together after that.

DISCUSS: Are you a Watchmen fan? What do you think about bringing ‘Tales of the Black Freighter’ to the small screen?