Van Damme, Norris & Adkins Confirmed for THE EXPENDABLES 2?

Will Van Damme and Norris be joining Stallone for action packed sequel?

A cast list has popped up over at the official Millennium Films website revealing that Jean Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris are now part of action ensemble ‘The Expendables 2.’ They are joined by Scott Adkins, Van Damme’s co-star in ‘Assassination Games’ and the upcoming sequel ‘Universal Soldier : A New Dimension.’

According to a source for the fansite, Van Damme is set to play the movie’s villain, and will reportedly have his own gang/unit of mercenaries. Adkins is believed to one of Van Damme’s mercenaries, while Norris will have a cameo, much like Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger had in the first movie.

Simon West (‘The Mechanic’) is attached to direct the sequel which sees Sylvester Stallone and his team on a mission of vengeance after one of their own is brutally murdered on a mission. The highly anticipated production will shoot in Bulgaria and China.