Scorsese plans Sinatra biopic

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Martin Scorsese
will direct a film about Frank Sinatra, according to the singer’s film producer
daughter Tina.Speaking to reporters, Tina Sinatra said Scorsese had
“always wanted to do this [film]”.

The untitled film
will reportedly not focus on Sinatra’s alleged business links to the Mafia and
organised crime figures. Commenting on his friendship with gangsters, Tina said
her father “never drove the getaway car”.She added: “I don’t
want him to be driving the getaway car. That would not be fair. But I trust
[Scorsese] implicitly.”

previously tried to make a film about Sinatra’s fellow Rat Pack member Dean
Martin with Tom Hanks in the lead role.

EXTRAs: Scorsese will next work on a Bob Marley biopic, expected 2010.