One talented actor out, equally talented actor in.

Jeremy Renner is a busy man and as such he has sadly had to drop out of one of the many projects on his future slate. That project is the indie thriller ‘Better Living Through Chemistry,’ but fear not, an equally talented actor is stepping up to take his place, Sam Rockwell.

Variety reports that Rockwell is currently in talks to take the role a meek, small-town pharmacist who is stuck in a loveless marriage. The pharmacist rediscovers himself by starting an affair with a trophy wife (Jennifer Garner). After she introduces him to the pleasures of prescription drugs, things spin out of control when they begin plotting to kill her husband.

The movie will co-star Michelle Monaghan, as Rockwell’s wife and Judi Dench will serve as the film’s narrator. Geoff More and David Posamentier, who co-wrote the script, will be making their directorial debut on the thriller.