Quinto Defends Star Trek

The new Spock talks Star Trek

Zachary Quinto has said he is unconcerned by fans’ response to the new Star Trek film.

The Heroes star, who plays the young Spock in J.J. Abrams’s upcoming prequel, insisted that he wanted to focus on making the best possible movie.

Speaking about the film, Quinto said: “I feel strongly that we’ve done really good work as a group, as a cast, as a crew and I don’t really feel like any of us can or do concern ourselves with anything other than making the best project that we can possibly make. The response that people have to that is neither in our control nor can it be a concern, because then what are we making it for?”

He added: “The reality is, if we make what we know is in our hearts, then hopefully people will respond to that, and they’ll respond to the fact that it was done with integrity and imagination and creative vitality.”

The film is scheduled for release in May 2009.

EXTRAs: In an interview Matt Damon mentioned that he called J.J. Abrams when he heard rumors that he was being considered for the role of Captain Kirk. The response from Abrams was a very polite “No”, stating that Damon was “too old” for the role