Invisible Man 2

Batman scribe David Goyer talks his ‘Invisible Man’ sequel.

Batman Scribe David Goyer confirmed that his sequel to the 1993 film based on H.G. Wells novel ‘The Invisible Man’ is still in the works


At Comic Con, Goyer confirmed details about the project:

“It sort of starts kind of, like, about two months after the events of the H.G. Wells book finish. And the H.G. Wells book kind of ends with, you know, the original invisible man, Griffin, [who] has these three notebooks that all of his secrets are in, and at the end of the H.G. Wells story, you establish that they’re still in existence. But … nobody knows where they are. And my story begins with those three notebooks falling into the hands of someone else, and it takes off from there.”

“It’s more sprawling, because it’s … big,” he said. “It’s got elements of horror, but it’s sort of a big, epic adventure movie. Part of it takes place in England; part of it takes place in Persia; part of it takes place in Siberia. … And I added a couple, I think, wrinkles to the notion of invisibility that nobody’s managed to do before. So it kind of takes it to an extreme level.”

The Batman scribe also says his take is loaded with historical figures including William Melville, head of Scotland Yard and the founder of MI6.

“He instituted fingerprinting and was friends with Harry Houdini. He’s where the ‘M’ comes from in MI6. In my story, he’s the one who captures the Invisible Man and says, ‘Listen, we want to turn you into a secret agent and send you into Imperial Russia.'”

Goyer is currently in post-production on his horror flick ‘The Unborn’, starring Gary Oldman and Odette Yustman.