Hellboy 3

Seemingly possessed by the pent-up rage caused by the domestic events from his past, Sang-hoon finds an opportunity for salvation when he encounters a similarly emotionally damaged schoolgirl, who is as foul-mouthed, headstrong and fearless as he is. The two begin an offbeat and touching friendship, not realising that their lives are already connected in ways that will have a profound effect on both their fates.

Speaking about a third Hellboy, director del Toro  has said that if Hellboy II: The Golden Army is successful enough to warrant a sequel, he has a plan for a third Hellboy film, and that’s it.

According to del Toro, “If there was ever a third one, I would really make sure that we at least sign a contract that there is no more. No prequels and no sequels: nothing. If that happens, then there is a third one we have planned, and the seeds are planted in this film.”

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army comes to Irish cinemas August 22nd.

EXTRAs: Guillermo del Toro has recently signed on to direct ‘Saturn and the End of Days’, a horror fantasy about the end of the world.