French Film Festival Launches

Veronica is driving on the highway in northwestern Argentina. She becomes distracted by the ringtone of her mobile phone and runs over something, but drives on. The story will revolve around her meltdown following the accident and the possible death of someone. The police confirm that there were no accident reports. But, she has doubts about what she had really hit. Was it an animal? A child?

The 19th Cork French Film Festival will open in the Gate Cinema this Thursday, 28th February with the film ‘Water Lilies’, a film described as an  intense study of female friendship, sexual awakening and… synchronised swimming.


This year’s festival includes a variety of events, including feature films made in co-production with other countries and in many different languages; as well as  new ways of looking at cinema with live audio-visual events, Cine-Concerts, Live Experimental Cinema and Film Installations with Live Sound Design.

The festival will host Cannes Film Festival Residence director Slava Ross, who will attend the festival to present his debut film ‘Fat Stupid Rabbit’. Ross will  also present a Screenwriters & Directors Masterclass for young filmmakers.

The Cork French Film Festival runs from 28th Feb – 7th March.


For further information visit or read our interview with the festival’s Artistic Director Paul Callanan HERE.