Dublin Director Brings Stars to Mineville

Dublin-born  Jason Barry, who acted alongside Leonardo di Caprio in ‘Titanic’ is set to direct a script by Lori Kelley Bailey.


The film, titled ‘Mineville’, tells the true story of Irish immigrant workers who mined the Iron Ore to build the then new city of Manhattan in 1910. This story follows two men from opposite ends of society struggling against their own demons to break free of their upbringing. As a glimmer of hope appears on the horizon in the form of a wealthy so-called Union Leader their dreams are shattered as they watch him take control of their town and ultimately their destinies.

So far A-listers such Giovanni Ribisi (Friends, My Name is Earl), William Sadler (August Rush, The Shawshank Redemption), Anthony Lapaglia (Frasier, Without a Trace) and British actors Ian Hart (Dirt, Finding Neverland) and Tony Curran (Underworld: Evolution, The Good German) have signed on to star in Irish actor Jason Barry’s feature directorial debut ‘Mineville’.


The $20 million budget film begins a ten week shoot on location in New York on September 22nd, 2008.