De Niro Plans Good Shepherd 2 3

Proposed trilogy to span fifty years

Robert De Niro received a lifetime achievement award at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival on Friday and talked about his plans for the future.


The actor/director/producer said he would like to make two sequels to his 2006 CIA Cold War drama The Good Shepherd — one bringing the action forward from 1961 to 1989, the other following its hero, Edward Wilson (Matt Damon), up to the present day.


Although he is not working on research for the concluding parts of the hoped-for trilogy, De Niro said being in central Europe offered a good opportunity to begin thinking about the material.


His long collaboration with Martin Scorsese should produce at least two more films, De Niro added.


His next project with Scorsese, which he declined to detail, is one on which he’s already working and should be ready by 2009, he said.