What the Frak 10 of the worst films you will ever pay to see

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So you head into the video store or cinema, you see a pretty fancy trailer or even a cool poster, maybe you were even unfortunate enough to have a friend recommend the film to you. You pay the price of a rental or admission, grab some refreshments find your seat and set yourself up what you think is going to be an amazing film. Well, life isn’t always fair and we bring you the ‘What the Frak!?’ guide to ten of the worst films you will ever pay to see – plot twists, CGI, all-star casts, big budgets and all the media hype in the world couldn’t do enough to save these films.


If you were unlucky to have rented or paid to see any of the movies in our list, then we feel your pain…


The ‘What the Frak!?’ guide is rated 10 – 1 … 10 being barely tolerable to 1 being something that should be sealed inside a crypt for all eternity never to be watched again by anyone.


Words : Declan Doody


10. Cloverfield

Why the Frak is the camera all shaky?

Cloverfield, who could forget the major hype surrounding this movie, with mindboggling trailers and posters all with the aim of setting our curiosity alight and who could blame us. Cloverfield isn’t exactly a bad film, with spectacular CGI and effects, enough drama and shocks to keep us entertained and even alright performances by the mostly unheard of cast. The problem with Cloverfield was the decision to shoot this all as if we were looking from the perspective of a character filming it on his video camera – novel idea and all so very Blair Witch but far too shaky and with all the flashing lights, at the very end of the film you may feel pretty dizzy and even nauseous.

9. Phantom Menace

Why da Frak are wisa dalkin lik dees?

‘Misa tought der movie was good but wha exactly was der point ta Jar Jar Binks?’, ok there was a lot more wrong with this movie aside from Jar Jar but when this zaney reptile was introduced and given more than ten seconds of dialogue, the whole movie became a tad ridiculous. Perhaps George Lucas was a little over excited at this being his first Star Wars movie in years but what was meant to be the first look at the life of Anakin Skywalker pre-op, instead we get a lot of money and CGI effects and we lose the warmth and depth of the previous three films.