Watchmen Interview with Nite Owl Silk Spectre I II sits down with Nite Owl (Patrick Wilson) and the Silk Spectres (Carla Gugino, Malin Akerman) to discuss the Watchmen

It’s every fanboys dream as sits down with not one but two Silk Spectres and Nite Owl to boot!

The superhero blockbuster dominated this weekend’s box office, grossing over $55.7 million worldwide making Watchmen the biggest opening of any film this year.

Here, Paul Byne talks to Carla Gugino (Silk Spectre), Malin Akerman (Silk Spectre II) & Patrick Wilson (Nite Owl) about the complexities of bringing the Alan Moore novel to the big screen, the added sex and violence of Zack Synder’s adaptation and who they think will Watch the “Watchmen”:

“Watchmen” is in Irish cinemas now.