Watch before Viewing Street Dance 3D

As Street Dance toe taps its way onto our screens in 3D, looks at the dance movie genre…

With dance movies top tapping their way to the top of the box office in recent years, the boys and gals across the Irish sea are looking to get in on the action with the first UK dance movie to be filmed in 3D. The picture plots the tale a London dance poose training for the UK Street Dance Championships. With no place to rehearse, the team are forced to work with ballet dancers from the Royal Dance School. With nothing in common and tensions running high, the two groups must fin a way to work together to win…

Saturday Night Fever

The fever of the seventies distilled into one film, Saturday Night Fever was the film that propelled John Travolta to stardom and made white polyester suits an instant fashion craze. The film garnered praise for its portrayal of a blue-collar life liberated through dance and ever since Travolta’s moves have been copied everywhere from The Office to your tipsy uncle at the family wedding.


An ’80s classic, Kevin Bacon brought dance to a small town where dancing has been banned. A charming, feel-good film with Bacon’s youthful enthusiasm bound to bring a smile to your face.

Step Up

In many ways, the Step Up franchise brought the dance movie back to the big screen. In Step Up, a guy from the wrong side of the tracks partners up with a ballet dancer to win fame and glory. Sure we’ve heard this before but the dancing is spectacular making this a must see for any dance fan.

Mad Hot Ballroom

This touching documentary follows students from several New York elementary schools in the lead up to a city-wide competition. A million miles away from the precocious image of the performing child, the kids are wonderful and the film is a treat.

Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights

Not many people will have made the effort to seek pick this one up, but it’s a hidden gem. Romola Garai and Diego Luna are the two talented leads dancing up a storm against the backdrop of revolutionary Cuba.