Watch Before Viewing Night at the Museum 2

In preparation for more madness and mayhem in Night at the Night at the Museum 2, recommends the following flicks:

Ben Stiller is back and about to lay waste to yet another museum in his sequel to the smash hit Night at the Museum. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian sees security guard Larry Daley infiltrate the popular museum all in an effort to rescue his friends Jedidiah and Octavius who were accidentally shipped there by mistake and with the help of Amelia Earhart and many more other crazy characters in what promises to be just as big a hit as its predecessor. In the spirit of all things imaginary we take a look at some of the best movies that involve a little imagination and a lot of crazy adventures, we recommend you watch these to get your imagination flowing…

A Night at the Museum


If you are going to watch the sequel then we recommend you watch it’s prequel first! A Night at the Museum, sees a down on his luck divorced dad take a job as a security guard in the Museum of Natural History, not exactly one of the worlds most exciting jobs but then things aren’t as they seem in this museum. At night the exhibits come to life and they do what they do best, from the gun-slinging cowboys to the very playful T-rex and they’ll all need to work together to stop a plot to rob the museum!

The Indian in the Cupboard


Imagine on your ninth birthday you receive a small cupboard and a little tin Indian, most of us would throw a hissy fit but not little Omri. His cupboard has the ability to bring life to the inanimate and with his new friend Little Bear he begins to learn some of lifes lessons and the meaning of friendship. The 1995 film was hailed for its spectacular special effects and despite failing to make a big impact on box office sales, the film captures the essence of innocence and imagination of all small children.



After the tragic death of his mother, little Albert (Haley Joel-Osment) goes to stay with his mother’s oldest friend, a woman he has never met and on arriving at his new home he begins to realise that she is nothing like his mom. Whoopi Goldberg plays the cantankerous and business nosed Harriet. All alone in his new home and bullied at school for being the new kid, Albert retreats into his imagination and here he befriends Bogus, a caring and flamboyant French character and with his help will try and come to terms with the death of mom and in turn helps Harriet rediscover her own imagination.

Drop Dead Fred


“Mother, do you remember when I was little, I had a friend, he was make-believe?” with a pedantic and cold mother and no friends young Elizabeth befriends the wild and crazy Fred, an imaginary redhead with a taste for troublemaking. When Fred finally vanishes Elizabeth grows up, and her life changes , married but unhappy when everything around her begins to fall apart, including her marriage Elizabeth’s imaginary friend reappears to cause some mischief and help her sort her life out. Drop Dead Fred reminds us all about how powerful our imagination can be and the true power of imaginary friends.



Kim Cattrall has always been pretty plastic and this movie is the proof. When Jonathan Switcher, a starving artist creates the perfect mannequin he lands the job of shop display artist in a big department store and brings his new creation along with him. One magical Egyptian necklace later and the mannequin is brought to life and soon not only a whirlwind romance begins but a whole heap of trouble.





“Night at the Museum 2” is in cinemas from Friday, May 22nd