Watch before Viewing 127 Hours

As we count down to 127 Hours, recommends the following flicks to get you in the mood


An exploration of human survival and the ability of fate to alter even the tidiest of lives with one major event, Cast Away tells the story of Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks), a Federal Express engineer who finds himself alone on remote island when his plane crash lands. Finding solace only in a volleyball that he befriends, Chuck must now learn to endure the emotional and physical stress of his new life, unsure of when he may return to the civilization he knew before.




Written and directed by Rodrigo Cortes, Buried stars Ryan Reynolds as Iraq-based driver and private contractor Paul Conroy, who wakes up in a coffin-shaped wooden box after a surprise attack on the road. After fumbling around with a lighter, Paul discovers a mobile phone and soon he’s being contacted by the kidnapper (Perez), who demands that he film his own ransom video…



Based on the book by John Krakauer, we follow the story of 22-year-old Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch), who baffled his parents (Marcia Gay Harden and William Hurt) and sister (Jena Malone) by walking out of his privileged life, donating his $24,000 savings to charity, abandoning his car and hitch-hiking across America, eventually heading north for a solitary life in the Alaskan wilderness. Along the way, Chris meets several interesting people, including a pair of hippies (Catherine Keener and Brian Dierker), a friendly farmer (Vince Vaughn), a topless Dane and her boyfriend (Signe Eghom Olsen and Thure Lindhardt), an underage singer (Kristen Stewart) and a lonely retired man (Hal Holbrook). Meanwhile, his family try to make sense of Chris’s decision in the absence of any news from him.