Video Interview with Robert Pattinson for Twilight

Teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson chats about Twilight, which is out on DVD this weekend

From co-starring in Harry Potter as wizard to his very own franchise, things are certainly looking up for Britain’s up-and-coming star Robert Pattinson.

But as the actor revealed to, pride almost got in the way of him taking the role of Edward Cullen, teen vampire, in the film version of Stephenie Meyer’s hugely popular Twilight:

“I didn’t realise it was going to be this big… I guess it was my own pride; I didn’t want to be involved in a teen thing. I was just thinking: how can I not look like an idiot.”

Fortunately Pattinson took on the role of brooding teen vamp and with box office earnings of over 130 million so far, nobody will be calling him an idiot anytime soon!

With Twilight descending on Ireland this weekend, spoke to the actor about the franchise, his character and his future plans for Hollywood:



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“Twilight” is out on DVD now.
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