Video Interview with Paul Rudd Jason Segel for I Love You Man

Paul Rudd & Jason Segal love you, in the latest interview!

They had brief moments of screen time in last year’s “Knocked Up” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” but in their new film “I Love You, Man”, Paul Rudd and Jason Segel share quite a bit of “bromance” on screen.

Rudd plays Peter, a man who has gone most of his life focused on his romantic relationships rather than his guy friendships. So when he proposes to his girlfriend Zooey (Rashida Jones), he’s left with a dilemma that few men have: Who will be his best man? He meets a man named Sydney (Segel) in the quest to find a best male friend and while the two seem to hit it off, they find that perhaps they were meant for each other…er, in terms of being friends.

Paul Bryne recently met up with the duo discussing Judd Apatow, bromances and why Paul Rudd is so univerally beloved…

“I love You, Man” is in Irish cinemas now.