Video Interview With Meryl Streep for Doubt

She’ll be 60 in June, but Meryl Streep has never been busier. Or more box-office. We spoke to the acting legend about the Oscar nominated flick “Doubt”

For most actors, having the safety net of another take is a major comfort. For some, it’s pretty much crucial.

With Meryl Streep – a 40-year veteran of stage and screen – you get the sense that she believes in the first take always being the deepest.

And that’s why she relished shooting Doubt, Irish-American playwright John Patrick Shanley’s big-screen adaption of his own Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning 2005 play.

Set in a Bronx Catholic school in 1964, Streep plays the sternly traditional Sister Aloysius, quickly convinced – after conflicted Judas, Sister James (Amy Adams), voices her suspicions – that liberal Father Flynn (Philip Seymour Hoffman) may have been a little too close to one of the students.

It’s a film full of sideways glances, growing frustration and seething confrontations, but Streep clearly loved the closeted intensity.

Paul Byrne chats to the acting legend  in the video interview below, just push play to view.

Doubt is in Irish cinemas now!