Video Interview with Chris ODowd for That Boat that Rocked

Graham Linehan’s latest posterboy Chris O’Dowd talks about his new film “The Boat that Rocked”

Rom-com guru Richard Curtis returns to our screens with a ‘60s period comedy following a group of pirate-radio DJs ducking the British government. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Rhys Ifans star as competitive disc jockeys who work under Bill Nighy on a busted-down boat on the English Channel.

“Any day when you start and end it with a speedboat race, doesn’t feel like work” says IT crowds Chris O’Dowd, speaking of playing DJ Simon in this happy-go-lucky homage to the ‘60s Rock n’ Roll.

But how did Chris O’Dowd go from being a UCD student to poster boy for Graham Linehan’s “IT Crowd”? met up with the Irish actor to chat Richard Curtis, the IT Crowd and his childhood Yorkie-bar wrappers collection!

“The Boat that Rocked” is in Irish cinemas now