Video Interview with Bolt Directors

The Oscar nominated directors talk about Disney’s latest canine cartoon caper – Bolt!

It may be a brave new 3-D animated territory but “Bolt” is a Disney movie in the truest sense. Like so many traditional animated classics from the House of Mouse, the film oozes heart and humour. So it’s no surprise that Bolt, acclaimed Pixar animator John Lasseter’s first release for Disney Animation, would be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Chris Williams and Byron Howard take the lead in the film which sees John Travolta voice the title character – a confused action star pup who is trying to reunite with his co-star and beloved owner Penny (Miley Cyrus). Here the two Disney vets – who have worked on such films as “Chicken Little”, “Mulan” and “Meet the Robinsons” – chat to Paul Bryne about Disney’s latest superhero.



“Bolt” is in Irish cinemas everywhere now